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  • Couples Counseling

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    Take the first step towards repairing the relationship you cherish!

    Couples counseling can enrich even the most troubled relationships!

    Dr. Crist’s couples counseling is available for:
    • Married couples
    • Engaged couples seeking pre-marital counseling
    • Individuals seeking relationship counseling
    • Unmarried couples

    Couples counseling and marriage therapy has been scientifically studied and proven to be effective in helping couples achieve happier, healthier and more loving relationships. Relationships consist of two people coming together emotionally and physically. Therefore, both partners are responsible for the emotional atmosphere and their patterns of behavior in the relationship, good or bad. Couples counseling can help you to create new positive patterns and an emotional climate of love and compassion.

    More often than not, most couples wait until things they have said damaging things to one another before they seek the help of a marriage therapist or counselor.

    Two of the main concerns I often hear from couples are that they struggle with endless conflict and fighting that never gets resolved; or they become distant from each other due to mistrust and endless unresolved fighting. They’re feeling so hurt or afraid that it’s too painful to reach out to one another and express how they truly feeling.

    Other problems that bring couples to relationship therapy include:
    • Feeling frustrated, angry or resentful
    • Feeling hurt, alone and unhappy
    • Infidelity and other trust issues
    • Day to day stress putting the relationship in jeopardy
    • Struggles with money, chores, children
    • Concerns and or parenting issues with blended families
    • Sexual problems
    • Fear that the relationship won’t last
    • Lack of passion

    As an expert relationship counselor and sex therapist, I’ll help you:
    • Learn how to effectively communicate
    • Develop constructive ways to resolve conflict
    • Hear each other better so both individual needs are met
    • Develop a closer relationship; increase affection and sexual intimacy
    • Strengthen your commitment and feel hopeful about your future
    • Laugh, enjoy, and have fun together
    • Passion for life

    As we re-instill hope in our counseling together and move forward with manageable steps, your lives will begin to fill with new energy, more smiles, and even special twinkles in your eyes again.